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  • Introducing Render

    Render is a private social media platform for musicians that fans access by contributing their spare change to their favorite musicians every month. Using a round-up program, we're able to automatically monitor your bank account for transactions you make during the day, round those transactions up to the nearest dollar, and give the difference to musicians. In exchange, you get access to exclusive content like photos, videos, livestreams, and ask-me-anything sessions. You also immediately become eligible for free admission to events and concerts, VIP seating, meet and greets, and more. Think of it as a digital fan club community where you can directly support the musicians you love using just your spare change.

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The Team

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    Anthony Reese Schneider

    Founder & CEO

    Award-winning filmmaker, musician, and creative professional

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    Ben Hochberg

    Lead Developer

    Computer Science guru with 15+ years of experience

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    Ned McLean

    Product Manager

    Seasoned music industry professional and record label executive